Combining Text and Design

There is no question that creating designs that look good with text is not an easy task depending on the kind of background design that you are going to be working with.

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Typography tips and tricks for everyone

Typography is something that can be manipulated by you completely, but you have to know how to make it look clean and polished. Whether you are trying to create the perfect logo design or just the perfect graphic design, there are a few tips and tricks that you should know that will help to make your design perfect. Read More

Use Shapes Creatively in Your Designs

Using shapes for your designs is a very useful tool that many designers always take into consideration. There are quite a few creative ways to use shapes in a way that is subtle and it won’t really seem intrusive on the design. Some designers use shapes mainly to change the look of a certain font and this creates a brand new font style that they can use for any purpose.

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Why does Branding Matter?

Every great business has its own first class product and service. The goal is to top the market among its competitors. Thus, a very strong and firm brand is needed to portray the perception of the company. This gives you the edge among others in your customer to choose you.

why branding matter

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How To Effectively Use Fonts In Designs

There are so many thousands if not millions of fonts to choose from when picking something out for a logo or design. However its usually a lot easier than you think. You will discover the few simple tips to keeping your designs timeless, memorable and extremely effective. Anything that’s too flashy or too crazy will never work in the long run. You want something simple and elegant.

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Choosing the best colors for logo design

Creating a logo for your business or personal venture can often be a tricky subject. One of the biggest questions that can come up with this is how do I choose the best colors? You want to choose colors that represent your brand, are eye-catching but also visually pleasing.

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